Diversity, Equity,
Inclusion & Belonging

At Berkadia, we believe People Matter. In an industry that historically has not been reflective of the diverse world in which we operate, it is our commitment to our colleagues and partners that we drive change and positively impact the communities we serve. That’s why we proudly stand behind BELONG, Berkadia’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) platform, dedicated to shaping a meaningful and sustainable plan to foster an inclusive workforce with diverse perspectives that enable us to become a better Berkadia. 

Berkadia’s Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that create a safe space for employees to share ideas, issues or concerns. Moreover, these groups foster opportunities for employees to learn about each other’s cultures, backgrounds and experiences.

Be.WIN Berkadia logo

BeWIN: Berkadia’s Women’s ERG

BeWIN’s mission is to develop, mentor and promote initiatives that focus on the diverse women’s community and allies at Berkadia to support career growth and advancement. Their purpose is to facilitate the development and maturation of strong connections, and support women across the company, while creating a safe place for women to grow in their CRE careers.

Be PROUD+ Berkadia Logo

BeProud+: Berkadia’s LGBTQ+ ERG

BePROUD+’s mission is to foster and cultivate community, mentorship, professional development and networking opportunities among Berkadia’s diverse LGBTQ+ employees and allies. Their purpose is to address underrepresentation and eliminate barriers for Berkadia’s LGBTQ+ employee base to promote diversity and retention in order to better achieve shared business outcomes.

BeUNITED Berkadia Logo

BeUNITED: Berkadia’s Multicultural ERG

BeUNITED’s purpose is to create a network focused on empowering, connecting, developing, and supporting​​​​​​​ employees regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality thus resulting in a stronger, united workforce. They are committed to honoring and celebrating multicultural identities and embracing diversity among the different dimensions of race, ethnicity, culture and beyond.

Berkadia Way

Our culture, or Berkadia Way as we know it, encourages us to truly see people as people, with unique needs, challenges, and objectives. We take this into consideration when working with each other, engaging our clients, and supporting our communities. Thus, instilling a mindset that fosters our shared commitment to self-accountability helps us see our impact on each other and adjust our efforts accordingly. DEIB is at the core of this mindset, and we believe that we are uniquely positioned to meet current and future aspirations because of it.

Hilary Provinse Reflects on Berkadia’s Women in Commercial Real Estate Conference

Is there a particular piece of advice you’d give to a woman considering a career in CRE?

I’d encourage women considering a career in CRE to nurture and grow their networks and get involved with local groups to build your knowledge of the industry. Focus on making genuine connections and seek them out for advice and help when you are facing change. Take the leap – a career in CRE is fulfilling and exciting!

News and Insights

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Women Empowerment in Action

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People Matter – And So Does Representation


What drew me to Berkadia were the people – the culture and the emphasis that is placed in that culture. It truly feels like a place that wants to build you up and help you succeed.

Eglae Recchia
Senior Vice President – Product

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My advice would be to stay receptive and develop a curiosity and knack for questioning. Be confident and believe that you will be able to achieve anything with your efforts and diligence.

Nitya Shukla
Assistant Manager
Global Production Operations

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I’m passionate about collaboration and helping others solve problems in a creative way. I’m excited to leverage more of Berkadia’s technology platform, data resources and tools in order to help our clients achieve their investment goals.

Maura Spellman
Investment Sales – Philadelphia

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My calling as an HR professional stems from my expertise in forging meaningful relationships with people, along with generating solution-oriented HR processes.

Saugat Roy
Senior Manager
Global Production Operations

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The way Berkadia’s internship program is set up, you get to learn the ins and outs of the industry from the people who are key partners, as well as the people who support those business lines.

Tara Morrissey
Human Resources

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Career Opportunities

Here at Berkadia, we believe people matter.

In fact, our people are the heart and soul of everything we do. That’s why we employ the top CRE professionals in our industry, and make sure we invest in their personal development and training. With a focus on innovation and insights, we set the bar high – and keep it there – so that we provide best-in-class service for our clients.

As part of our commitment to diversity, Berkadia is a proud partner of CREW.