Berkadia Culture



“The company’s biggest focus right now is the future.”

Justin Wheeler, CEO

Our Vision

At Berkadia we are redefining the industry with long-term investments in people and technology that deliver actionable insights and create the best customer experience.

Our Values

Integrity is Everything

We say what we mean and do what we say. We never fear doing the right thing.

We Take the Long View

Our objective is long-term value, not short-term gain.


Our relationships with customers and colleagues are our most valuable assets.

We Innovate

A curious, empowered and diverse workforce challenges the status quo and drives change.

We love
our Jobs

When you enjoy what you do, it rarely feels like work.

We stand for Excellence

We set the highest standards and hold ourselves to them.

Best Places to Work

Berkadia is committed to providing a safe workplace where our employees feel their contributions are valued, they are empowered to create positive impact, and can grow their careers. As a result, Berkadia was selected as one of GlobeSt.’s Best Places to Work in 2023.

Corporate Philanthropy

One of the most important investments we can make as citizens is in our own communities. Employee volunteerism and charitable giving at Berkadia supports a variety of social issues and needs. As part of our commitment to giving back, we offer a Matching Gift Program and a Gift of Time Program that enable our team members to dedicate their time and resources to supporting the charitable initiatives of their choice.

Berkadia Way

Our culture, or Berkadia Way as we know it, encourages us to truly see people as people, with unique needs, challenges, and objectives. We take this into consideration when working with each other, engaging our clients, and supporting our communities. Thus, instilling a mindset that fosters our shared commitment to self-accountability helps us see our impact on each other and adjust our efforts accordingly.


We recognize the CRE industry hasn’t always been an inclusive one, but our team exists to present and open opportunities for all. Berkadia has a culture that cares for everyone as a person first and foremost, and we hope our candidates feel that from the moment they engage with us.

Mike Borrelli
Emerging Talent Program

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The culture of Berkadia stood out to me and not just from reading about it, but truly feeling it from the team. They genuinely love being with Berkadia and are passionate about what they do.

Keshia Lyn Albrecht
Investment Sales

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…when talking to people at Berkadia you could tell that everyone genuinely loved working here and a lot of them have been here for 10+ years.

Heather Culver
Real Estate Analyst

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Berkadia has helped teach me the importance of networking and building relationships. One of their missions is building relationships with their clients and I truly see it every day in the office.

Noah Martin
Mortgage Banking

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I would advise someone to have a breadth of knowledge in all areas. In other words, be a well-rounded individual who strives to learn and who is open to every opportunity that arises.

Max Ojert
Financial Statements Analyst

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My advice would be to stay receptive and develop a curiosity and knack for questioning. Be confident and believe that you will be able to achieve anything with your efforts and diligence.

Nitya Shukla
Assistant Manager
Global Production Operations

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During my interview, the importance of culture and relationships at Berkadia was brought up multiple times. These two qualities are very important to me because I knew that I would be busy with work and getting deals closed, but I wanted to have good relationships with the people around me.

McKenna Koenig
Phoenix Investment Sales

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My calling as an HR professional stems from my expertise in forging meaningful relationships with people, along with generating solution-oriented HR processes.

Saugat Roy
Senior Manager
Global Production Operations

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Career Opportunities

Here at Berkadia, we believe people matter.

In fact, our people are the heart and soul of everything we do. That’s why we employ the top CRE professionals in our industry, and make sure we invest in their personal development and training. With a focus on innovation and insights, we set the bar high – and keep it there – so that we provide best-in-class service for our clients.

As part of our commitment to diversity, Berkadia is a proud partner of CREW.